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Support to investment: Uganda Investment Authority


The Uganda Investment Authority (UIA) is a One-Stop facilitator for investors aiming to attract, promote and facilitate investments in Uganda.

Equipped with highly motivated professional staff, UIA assists investors to efficiently implement their business plans and to solve problems in a bid to reduce their risk-return ratio. This is done mainly through advocacy within Government to seek necessary approvals or urge the removal of obstacles to investment – like for example lack of transparency on legal and administrative requirements, lack of consistency and predictability of the policy environment, increase accountability and effectiveness of Government Officials and mitigate investment disputes. As such, UIA markets Uganda’s investment opportunities to targeted investors all over the world, coordinates the national investment marketing program, monitors international investment trends and serves as the first and most comprehensive point of contact for investors in Uganda.

The mission is to make Uganda a leading investment location in the world through the provision of quick and quality facilitation services to all prospective investors to the country.

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One Stop Centre web portal

Through Uganda Investment Authority the Government of Uganda launched a One Stop Centre web portal for both foreign and local investors. The “One Stop Centre” (OSC) web portal ( is an effective solution that will offer a perspective investor the option of applying for licences and sending a request to start implementing an investment online.

This web portal will facilitate convenient and efficient services by eliminating long bureaucratic internal processes and duplication of documentation across agencies, since information will be captured only once and showed electronically. Also, the investors will have improved access to information on the procedures and guidelines of obtaining a licence and will save time and costs by avoiding personnel moving from one office to another.